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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Bounty of Goodness

As we walk through the farmer's market today, I am forever reminded of God's provision for His people.  I so wish I had a garden of my own...more likely, I wish I had the passion for a garden of my own.  I want to have one but I don't know if I have the know how or the energy it would take to make it work successfully.  Normally, I do not begin something I haven't researched (to death sometimes) and really feel like I know the information completely.  So far, the research has only begun (thank you Pinterest!).
My grandmother Parks had a beautiful garden every year.  Our summers consisted of shelling peas or butter beans, shucking corn, or snapping beans.  She would work so very hard preparing veggies for the freezer or canning her famous bread and butter pickles, green beans, tomatoes, and apple sauce.  She made the best creamed corn in the world, but boy, was it messy!  There would be corn flicked all over her kitchen before she was finished.  Summers with her still bring back wonderful memories - times I wish I could revisit.

Pictured are some of our finds today.  Don't they look wonderful??  Surprisingly, most of this will last the week for us, but some will be juiced and gone in several days.  Thinking of all the nutrition that will go in our systems brings me delight! 

I am grateful that we can shop for our fresh veggies at the local market even though we do not have a garden of our own.  Maybe one day!

Until next time...~Pamela

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