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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Perpetual Tree Decorating...

Sunday morning, the Sabbath, and day of refreshing and rest -but today is an exception. Not only do I have an enormous amount of decorating to finish, I also have to lesson plan for the last week of school before our Christmas break begins.  Excited that we will be out of school for four weeks makes it tremendously difficult to focus on this last week!  I admit, I am torn between the world of "must do" and "wanting to do."  And here I sit, writing on my blog instead of studying - oops, did I just tell on myself??

Rennie worked so diligently yesterday on the Christmas tree.  After all the fluffing and fixing each branch, he begin to circle the tree with the multiple strands of white lights.  One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, and so on until he got to strand seven.  He picked up the brand new box and quickly discovered that this box was indeed white lights, but with white wiring - WHAT??? That means he will need to go return to Target and exchange them!  Reality set in and he quickly said, "I'm done for tonight!"  I didn't blame him for one moment.

Today, after several more hours, a return to Target to exchange lights and purchase more, Rennie has finally finished his role as the "light-putter-upper."  Now the ornament placement has been handed to me. (More about that in another post)

It may not look like much yet but I am extremely proud of Rennie for not tossing the tree into the front yard after all his troubles.  Final count:  950 white lights and 300 red lights
In the meantime, I have decorated the top of the wine cabinet with a few of my kitchen themed snowmen.

Our sweet kitty cat, Simba, has found a cushy spot atop a pile of tissue paper - he worked very hard helping today!

Now the only thing that lacks about the tree are the finishing touches - placing the tree skirt around the bottom and adding fresh baby's breath (something I began doing many, many years ago).  I love the way the little puffs of white add a snowy effect.  More photos to come later...


  1. I love it Pamela! Rennie did a great job with the lights. Can't wait to see it completed. Enjoy your last few days with your students and then four weeks off to soak up Christmas and the New Year :)

    Love you Pamela!