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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Journey to a Cottage Life

It's been almost a year since our move to Orlando.  Times really does fly by!  Our precious moments here has not gone without challenges, however, we do LOVE living here.  Our home is nestled in a quaint community with its eclectic houses, shopping areas, and plenty of parks and lakes.  I can say we have adjusted quite well.

My mind is swirling with ideas today.  Rennie and I ventured out last night in search for a new Christmas tree because our previous tree was way too tall for our cozier home now.  You would think that finding an artificial tree would be so simple, however, we went to several stores, hemming and hawing over what we thought would look best for the space we have.  Here it is the first week of December and most of the artificial trees are quite picked over already.  At first we wanted a pre-lit tree but our final decision was on a much "fluffier"one that was not pre-lit.  With a candy cane theme in mind, we chose white lights with a few strands of red as accents. We think it will work!

Our new tree - the first "fluffy and non-pre-lit" tree in  a long, long, time!

A few of the new accessories for this year.

After bringing in the new stuff, it was time to drag out the old stuff...and stuff we had!  Not only were there numerous bins on the back porch, but more in the backyard storage house.  What we thought would only take a few hours, took multiple hours.  Oh My Goodness...after emptying just a few bins, it looked as though Christmas had thrown up on my dinning room table!  So much to choose from and decide what I use, what I pack back up, or give away.

This is just from two bins! Snowmen, Gingerbread Men, and Santa's Oh My!

Needless to say, that more time was spent deciding what to use than actual decorating.  Poor Rennie didn't begin to work on the tree until later in the day and did not make much progress.  Of course, there is always another day! More next time...


  1. Love the new tree. It looks a lot like the one we have :) Cant wait to see the decorated one! Wish I could be there to help. I know it will looks awesome!!!! Love you! :)

  2. Oh, yeah and I am super excited that I was the first one to comment, YAY! :)