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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bye, Bye Summer - Thank you God!

Nope, I'm not MIA or's just been a LONG uneventful summer...

I know that my title may confuse people - why are you happy that summer is basically over??  The past two summers have been the longest, loneliest, and most depressing summers ever.  You see, my Honey temporary moves to Alaska to work for five months while I am left behind here in Florida.  Here, where I become responsible for all the quirks that may go wrong with the house, the car, the doggies, and even myself!  While I am not a "princess" and can take care of myself and basic household responsibilities, I have decided one thing - while I enjoy my independence, I loathe being alone.  I also have discovered that what does not kill me makes me stronger!  It is funny now, but was not funny while it is happening, that everything seems to go wrong when he is not home.  Stress Turmoil is the word that best describes what happens on the inside of me when things break at the house or go wrong with my car! Thank the Lord for friends who came to my rescue when I was stranded because my car broke down.  Also, a HUGE Thank You goes to another friend who surprised me with a AAA membership just because she didn't want to see me stranded again and she loves me.  God does take care of us by sending angels with skin on to assist the brokenhearted and the broken down!

Because we have chosen to have four doggies and want to be responsible pet owners, going far from home for more than a day is very difficult. Boarding them is just too expensive.  I am very grateful for a friend who volunteered to watch them for three days a couple of weeks ago so I could spend some much needed time away at the beach with some other friends.  Those three days were very refreshing to me and I can't thank them enough for keeping them for me.  My time at the beach with long time friends went by quickly and I had a blast!

So, tomorrow the new school year begins.  I'm looking forward to days that are somewhat routine.  When I am busy, time passes by quickly.  As the days go by I will be counting down the days, hours, and minutes, until my Honey is home.  He will arrive the day before my birthday and I can't think of a better birthday gift than him here with me!  Once he is back home we will have new adventures to blog about and my life will return to what I know as "normal."  Until then, my days are filled with teaching my amazing students, lesson planning, and working with an incredible administration team.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer - as for me - I am SO excited mine is almost over and I bid it farewell!

Until next time...~Pamela