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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Painted Pretties

Each year I pull out the old paintbrushes and begin painting a project or projects for my daughter and sister.  Sad to say, that it has been over a year since I have had a paintbrush in my hand - I missed it so very much!  Earlier in the year I had an idea of painting a suitcase for each one of them.  That may sound extremely strange - painting a suitcase??? My inspiration piece was this one.
Six years ago while vacationing in the mountains of Tennessee, we came upon this painted suitcase, which I immediately feel in love with and just had to own!  For years Stephanie (my daughter) and Lolly (my sister) have said they would love to have one that I painted that was similar to mine.  

About a month ago while on a thrift hunt one Saturday, I saw two suitcases at a ReStore and thought they would work.  While one was slightly bigger, I knew the surface would work.  They had to be old and the surface needed to be smooth.  I did not purchase them that day, but kept thinking these would be perfect gifts.  So, I went back and made them an offer on both suitcases - and they were SOLD (to me)!  I was skipping all the way to the car.  Excited beyond belief, I begin imagining which pattern I would use on each one of them.  I also had to wait until school was out so I could concentrate on the details and begin the painting marathon.

Rennie was such a help with these.  He taped off the boarders for me, as well as, primed and base coated (spray painted) them for me.  During the time we were preparing the surfaces for me to paint on, my sister was here in Orlando for a visit.  

I was so afraid she would spot them on the back porch and know what I was up to.  Luckily, she didn't see them and continued to talk and talk about mine (which was in my living room) and how much she wanted one.  Ha, ha, ha,....little did she know!!!

Thankfully, I took photos of both suitcases and their processes.  Warning, there are a lot of photos, but it is worth it to see the finished products.  I hope you enjoy them!
 After Rennie primed them, I placed a paper drawing on top of the suitcase so he could spray them blue which would leave me with a white surface to paint on.  
Then I had to transfer the pattern.  I used patterns from one of my favorite artists, Renee Mullins, who's snowman is on the front of my suitcase.  I adore her patterns and she is so very talented!  You can visit her web site by clicking here.

Next, is base coating everything in...beware, this is NOT pretty.  I dislike base coating!  It takes the longest amount of time, but is so necessary or the details of the project will not look good.  
 Beginning to base coat my daughter's suitcase.
 Painting and seems to NEVER end!
Below are the beginnings of my sister's suitcase - more base coating! Ugh!

 Now on to adding some more details - my favorite part!

It's starting to come together - yea!

Now the finished products.  I have to say that I was very excited how they turned out.  

 My daughter's suitcase - She collects gingerbread and I collect snowmen - I thought this pattern was appropriate - the snowman holding the gingerbread - a mama and her girl!

 Lolly collects Santa's, so her suitcase was painted with a Santa and snowman - Sisters!

And they did love them! Here are the photos of them with their suitcases.  
 My sister cried! She was so excited to finally have her very own Christmas suitcase.  
My daughter was a happy camper!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit today.  If you have, please leave a comment below.  Until next time...~Pamela


  1. So cute!!! You are gifted, my friend. btw, I "collect" trees - haha!

  2. That is sooo cute! Thanks for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We would love to have you come back next Saturday and share more ideas. -The Sisters