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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Morning Goodness!

After our trip to the market yesterday, we made this "morning goodness"!  Can't get enough of this great stuff, packed with vitamins and minerals, and makes you feel wonderful!  

Here the ingredients (for the two of us):
6 stalks of fresh from the garden collard greens (thank you Kim!)
Parsley - handful
Cucumber - 1 whole not peeled
Romaine Lettuce - 6 stalks
Bell Pepper - 1/2 of a red
Carrots - 3
Tomatoes - 4 small
Orange - 1, peeled
Grapefruit - 1 peeled
A few strawberries

Yummo!  Yes, I know it looks like pond sludge, but it tasted Oh So Great!!!

Happy Sunday and until next time...

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