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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coffee Anytime

Project 365- Day 3:  Yummo - the aroma of coffee in the morning or really anytime is comforting to me.  Sometimes just the smell of coffee seems to make a person want to float in a wave motion (just like a cartoon character) to the kitchen.  I so enjoy coffee and am thankful to the person or persons who discovered that boiling a bunch of ground up roasted coffee beans would produce something that not only would give you a burst of energy but a smile on your face!

When we visited Manchester, Vermont, several years ago, we went to a wonderful store called The Jelly Mill (now closed - sad face).  There we sniffed out a counter that had large containers of different flavored coffees.  Jar after jar, we would lift the lid and take a big whiff of the amazing aromas that seem to just jump out at you and say, "Pick Me".  Vermont Maple Crunch was my pick! Oh my goodness, it smelled just like maple syrup, but WAY better.  I wanted to use it for cappuccino's, so we purchased a one pound bag of beans.  Upon arriving back in Jacksonville, we quickly ground up enough to make two cups of cappuccino.  My tongue just about slapped my brains out (a southern term) - it was so very good!  Sold!!!  I quickly picked up the phone, called The Jelly Mill and ordered ten more pounds, wrapped in one pound bags. Once the coffee arrived, we quickly vacuumed sealed each package so as to seal in the flavor.  Each year we have used a pound (or two) and enjoyed every moment.  This year...we opened the very last bag (another sad face).  Now that The Jelly Mill is closed, I guess I'll have to search for another place to purchase it from.  My friend, Marcy Krumbine, now lives in Vermont - I wonder if she would help me locate some...

Until then, I am satisfied with our everyday coffee brands and a weekly run to Starbucks. does my body good.  And, oh by the way, I do put whipped cream in my coffee, but I don't add sugar - just sayin'.

Until next time... ~Pamela

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  1. As your friend in Vermont, I would be pleased to do some investigating to see if I can find your favorite Vermont Maple Crunch coffee - I bet I can. Or at least, have fun searching and sending you samples to try. I love how your blog opens a window to your day and your heart. It's like pulling up a chair and enjoying a cup of friendship with you!