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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Little Buddies

Cocoa and Simba - They are furry buddies!
It is so amazing to me how much pets can bring love and pleasure into our lives.  Our furry buddies make us laugh on a daily basis - and sometimes make us extremely irritated! One thing I love to watch is when they interact with each other and play.
Our cat, Simba has been with us for almost twelve years now.  He was born in our home and was the first cat I actually loved.  Prior to that I was, let's say, not so fond of kitty cats.  But God sent Simba into our lives so I could experience just how fun and sweet they can be.  Ole Sim has always been an inside cat and still loves to play fetch if there is a drinking straw around and enjoys his "mousers".  

Simba has not been fond of our son's dog, Butch, at all.  He will hiss at him every time Butch wants to play or even just sniff him.  However, Simba has softened up when it comes to our pups, Cocoa and Roxie.  They can love on him and he usually does nothing.  Sometimes they hug and snuggle together.  

Today was no exception.  Cocoa loves Simba.  She would groom him and love on him all day if we would let her.  Roxie tries to stick her nose in between them but Simba prefers Cocoa.  They are just too cute together.  I am thankful that God gave us dogs and cats to make our lives a bit happier.  They are such wonderful companions!
Cocoa and Roxie - they are sisters (seriously!)  Their mom is our Chiwawa, Hannah, and their dad is our Daschund, Butch. 
Cocoa loving on Simba - she just LOVES Simba!
Just one more kiss Simba...please???
Until next time... ~Pamela

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