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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Family Ties

The Knopf's and Gibbs'
I LOVE my family!!!
Oh, there is nothing better than the sound of my grandchildren's laughter! When we lived in Jacksonville, we took for granted that we could see our children and grandchildren just about any time we wanted.  They lived about 6 miles from our home and we usually got together once or twice a week (except for Adam and Lindsey - they were living in Alaska).  I would often babysit for Stephanie when she needed me to and loved every moment.  Now that we are two hours away, our time together is spread out - I haven't seen them since the first part of January.  

This weekend, Rennie and I are making the final preparations for their visit next week.  It is their spring break and they will be with us from the middle of the week to the weekend. There is so much I want to do around here but have so little time to do it.  I think it is the small decorative touches that make a house welcoming to guests.  Spring has definitely arrived and I want the house to represent that.  Little bits of pastel colors and Eastery (is that really a word???) things sprinkled and there...  A new wreath on the front door and spring flowers potted in the white ceramic containers on the porch, will be there when they arrive.

I am looking forward to hearing my grandchildren say my name, for Julia, the oldest grandchild, to ask for cream (she likes whipped cream sprayed on a spoon and it will always be a treat at Mama's house), to make homemade waffles for them, to play games, to take them to the park, to laugh and play, and to enjoy my family.  I am forever grateful to the Lord for blessing me with my children and grandchildren.  Oh how I have missed them.  The only things that will be missing is Adam and Lindsey - hopefully we can Skype with them.  Nothing makes you more complete than family ties!

Until next time... ~Pamela

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  1. Loved it. You are a wonderful writer.